Artistry in Breast Enhancement: Dr. Anu Antony

Breast augmentation is more than just an increase in breast size—it’s a transformation that brings harmony and beauty to a woman’s figure. Dr. Anu Antony brings her background as a trained artist and a top-tier plastic surgeon to each procedure, crafting bespoke enhancements that respect each patient’s natural beauty.

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Customized Breast Augmentation

As every patient’s body and aesthetic vision are unique, Dr. Antony approaches breast augmentation by developing a highly individualized surgical plan. She offers comprehensive consultations to discuss desires, concerns, and the range of options available, from implant types and sizes to the surgical techniques that best suit the patient’s anatomy and wishes.

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation With Dr. Anu Antony

If you're considering breast augmentation surgery, the first significant step will be to sit down for a private consultation with Dr. Anu Antony. During this no-pressure meeting, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss the details of the procedure, including what you can expect before, during, and after your surgery. Dr. Anu Antony will take the time to get to know you and understand exactly what you're hoping to achieve with your breast augmentation procedure. You'll have the chance to ask any questions and voice any concerns that you may have about the surgery.

During your consultation, you will also undergo a physical exam, and the doctor will have questions about your health and medical history. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to view before and after photos of past breast augmentation patients, allowing you too visualize the potential results you can expect from your surgery. 

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Textured vs. Smooth Breast Implants

One of the choices you'll have before undergoing breast augmentation is whether you prefer textured or smooth breast implants. Textured implants are created with a special finishing process, which adds texture to the outer shell of the implant. Both smooth and textured implants offer unique advantages. When you have your consultation with Dr. Anu Antony, she will help you decide whether smooth or textured implants are the ideal choice for your situation.

Texturized breast implants have an easier time adhering to the surrounding tissue, which helps to prevent undesired rotation. Additionally, with textured implants, you may be at reduced risk for capsular contracture, a serious complication in which a capsule of scar tissue tightens around the breast implant. That said, smooth breast implants are not as likely to experience rippling as textured implants are. For this reason, we generally recommend smooth implants for patients who have a relatively small amount of breast tissue. 

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Advanced Surgical Techniques

With her elite training from prestigious educational and training institutions from Stanford University to Harvard, Dr. Antony employs advanced surgical techniques that minimize scarring and maximize the beauty and natural look of the outcome of breast augmentation. She utilizes the latest surgical technology and stays at the leading edge in the most innovative breast augmentation practices to ensure beauty ideally suited to the individual patient.

Options Tailored to You

Implant Choices

Dr. Antony offers a variety of implant materials and shapes, including saline, silicone, and highly cohesive “gummy bear” implants. Each is selected based on the patient’s body frame and desired outcome.

Incision Techniques

Choices include inframammary (under the breast), periareolar (around the nipple), or transaxillary (under the arm), with decisions made based on minimizing visible scarring and enhancing recovery.

Placement Options

Dr. Antony discusses the benefits of placing implants over or under the muscle and how each surgical technique will affect the aesthetics and feel of the breast.

Safety and Quality

Patient safety is paramount in every breast augmentation procedure. She adheres to the highest standards of safety and sterility, ensuring that every patient receives care in a state-of-the-art facility fully equipped with the latest medical technology.

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Are you Considering Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation in the Raleigh & Cary, NC area with Dr. Anu Antony can effectively address several issues, enhancing appearance and confidence:

  • Asymmetry: Corrects noticeable size differences between breasts.
  • Small breasts:  Smaller breasts can be enhanced to create the ideal curves and balance for your figure.
  • Volume Loss: Restores fullness lost due to weight fluctuations, aging, or childbirth.
  • Shape Alteration: Improves the overall shape and contour of breasts that may sag or change due to aging. It is often coupled with a custom breast lift.
  • Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction: Rebuilds the breast after surgical removal due to cancer or other conditions, aiding in physical and emotional recovery.

Dr. Anu Antony’s personalized approach ensures that each augmentation result is balanced and harmoniously aligned with the patient’s body.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you're looking to enhance the size, shape, or symmetry of your breasts, you could be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Anu Antony, she will evaluate your specific goals, current health, and medical history to ensure that the procedure is a safe and effective option.

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation should be non-smokers who are free of any serious medical conditions. Women who are currently pregnant or nursing should also wait to undergo the procedure.

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Your Trusted Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

When you choose to work with Dr. Anu Antony for your breast augmentation procedure, you'll be under the expert care of a plastic surgeon who you can truly trust. She and her dedicated team will curate a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Anu Antony will be there to provide you with the guidance and support you need to enjoy a successful, stress-free transformation.

Why Choose Dr. Anu Antony for Breast Augmentation in Raleigh

Choose Dr. Anu Antony for breast augmentation in Raleigh & Cary, NC to benefit from a blend of artistic vision and advanced technical skills. Trained as an artist before becoming a surgeon, Dr. Antony has a keen eye for aesthetic detail. Her background in science ensures meticulous execution. As a female surgeon, she offers a perspective that understands and respects the nuances of female beauty, empowering her patients through custom breast augmentation.

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What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Immediate Postoperative Period

Immediately following your breast augmentation surgery, you will be taken to a recovery area, where you will be closely monitored as you awaken from anesthesia. You may feel groggy and sore, but these sensations will be managed with pain medications prescribed by Dr. Antony. A support bra or compression garment will help reduce swelling and support the breasts throughout your recovery.

First Few Days

During the first few days after surgery, it’s normal to experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Dr. Antony will prescribe medication to manage pain and instructions on caring for your incisions to minimize scarring. You will be advised to limit physical activity and avoid lifting anything heavy. Rest is crucial during this initial recovery phase.

Follow-Up Visits

Dr. Antony will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery and ensure your new breasts heal properly. These visits are the opportunity to answer any concerns and evaluate how the tissues are healing.

Recovery Timeline

Recovery varies by individual, but most patients can return to work and light activities within one week, provided their job does not involve heavy lifting or strenuous activity. Complete physical activities, including exercise and lifting, can resume within six weeks. Dr. Antony will provide you with a tailored timeline based on the type of augmentation performed.

Dr. Antony is committed to supporting you throughout the process, ensuring you feel informed and cared for from your initial consultation through your recovery and beyond.

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Breast Augmentation FAQ

What type of anesthesia is used during breast augmentation?

Which kind of breast implants look and feel the most natural?

Are the results of breast augmentation permanent?

What type of anesthesia is used during breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is typically performed using general anesthesia. This means that you will sleep peacefully throughout the procedure.

Which kind of breast implants look and feel the most natural?

Generally, silicone breast implants and gummy bear implants are considered to look and feel exceptionally natural.

Are the results of breast augmentation permanent?

While the results of breast augmentation are very long-lasting, they aren't necessarily permanent. It's very common for breast implants to last for 10 to 20 years. In some cases, they can last even longer. If you are unsatisfied with your implants or experience complications down the road, you will also have the option to have them removed.

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