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This procedure is integral for patients who undergo lumpectomy as part of their breast cancer treatment and wish to maintain a natural breast appearance. Dr. Anu Antony, with her expertise in oncologic surgery and aesthetic breast reconstruction, delivers personalized reconstructive breast surgeries after a lumpectomy. Insurance does not cover breast reconstruction procedures performed at Dr. Antony’s practice. We do offer our patients financing options through trusted healthcare lenders if financial assistance is needed.

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What Is Lumpectomy Reconstruction?

Lumpectomy, unlike mastectomy, conserves most of the breast tissue, focusing on removing only the cancerous area. The challenge post-lumpectomy is to correct any deformities caused by the removal of tissue, which may leave the breast with dips or asymmetrical appearances. Lumpectomy reconstruction is designed to address these issues immediately following tumor removal or at a later stage, depending on the patient's treatment plan and preferences.

Your Surgical Options in Lumpectomy Reconstruction

  • Oncoplastic Techniques: These involve reshaping the remaining breast tissue when the lumpectomy is performed, filling in the space left by the removed tumor. Techniques like local tissue rearrangement or adjacent tissue flaps can create a more symmetrical breast contour.
  • Partial Breast Reconstruction: For more significant tissue loss that cannot be corrected with tissue reshaping, partial breast reconstruction using autologous tissue (tissue from another part of the patient's body) or synthetic materials can restore the breast to a healthy, natural look.
  • Symmetry Corrections: Often, procedures on the contralateral (opposite) breast, such as a breast lift, reduction, or augmentation, are performed to ensure both breasts are symmetrical post-reconstruction.
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What Does the Surgery Entail?

Lumpectomy reconstruction is a tailored procedure designed to correct and beautify the breast following the partial removal of breast tissue due to cancer. Dr. Anu Antony employs a meticulous approach to lumpectomy reconstruction in Raleigh & Cary, NC ensure the best possible results, both functionally and aesthetically.

Surgical Steps

  • Assessment and Marking: Before surgery, Dr. Antony carefully assesses the breast anatomy and marks the areas on the breast where corrections will be made. This planning is crucial for achieving symmetry and a natural appearance post-procedure.
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia is typically administered to ensure the patient's comfort throughout the procedure.

Oncoplastic Techniques

Depending on the amount of tissue removed and the tumor's location, Dr. Antony utilizes advanced oncoplastic techniques. These may include:

  • Local Tissue Rearrangement: This technique involves reshaping and redistributing the remaining breast tissue to fill in the defect left by the tumor removal. It is often used for more minor defects and allows for minimal scarring.
  • Tissue Flaps: For more extensive tissue loss in the breast, Dr. Antony may use tissue flaps from nearby areas, such as the latissimus dorsi flap (from the back) or a TRAM flap (from the abdomen), to reconstruct the breast shape adequately.
  • Symmetry Adjustments: To ensure the reconstructed breast matches the size and shape of the other breast, surgical adjustments to the other breast may be necessary. These can include reduction, lift, or augmentation of the opposite breast.
  • Closure: The incisions are carefully closed with sutures that minimize scarring. Dr. Antony takes extra care to ensure that the breast's aesthetic appearance is as natural as possible.
  • Post-operative Care: After the surgery, the patient is moved to a recovery area to be monitored. After a short period, the patient can return home, under the care of another adult, to rest and recover.

Recovery After Surgery

  • Drain Management: Drains may be placed to prevent fluid accumulation in the breast area. Instructions on how to care for these at home will be provided.
  • Pain Management: Pain relief strategies are implemented, and medications are prescribed to manage discomfort during the initial recovery period.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Regular follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor the healing process, assess the surgical results, and make necessary adjustments.

This meticulous approach to lumpectomy reconstruction ensures that patients not only achieve a restored breast contour but also maintain functionality and receive compassionate care throughout their recovery.

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What Are The Benefits of Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Aesthetic Restoration

Lumpectomy reconstruction helps restore the natural shape of the breast, improving the cosmetic outcomes and overall body image after cancer surgery.

Shorter Recovery Time

Recovery from lumpectomy reconstruction is generally quicker, allowing patients to resume their normal activities sooner.

Minimally Invasive

Since the majority of the breast tissue is preserved during a lumpectomy, the reconstructive procedure can be less invasive compared to reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Recovery After Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Patients can usually expect a recovery period of a few weeks, during which they may experience mild to moderate discomfort. Dr. Antony provides comprehensive post-operative care instructions and schedules follow-up visits to monitor the healing process and ensure aesthetic results are achieved. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities until fully healed and will receive guidance on supporting the breast properly during recovery.

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Why Choose Dr. Anu Antony for Lumpectomy Reconstruction?

Dr. Anu Antony brings a unique blend of artistic vision and surgical excellence to lumpectomy reconstruction.

Her background in art and extensive training in complex reconstructive procedures allow her to deliver optimal outcomes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Antony's compassionate approach to care ensures that patients feel supported throughout their recovery and happy to have achieved an exceptional outcome in breast reconstruction.

If you are considering lumpectomy reconstruction in the Raleigh & Cary, NC area and are concerned about aesthetic outcomes, consult Dr. Anu Antony to explore your reconstruction options. Contact the Antony Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment and discuss how lumpectomy reconstruction can be part of your comprehensive cancer care and recovery plan.

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