Custom Breast Reconstruction

This approach is particularly beneficial for patients who desire the most natural look and feel but do not have enough tissue for a complete autologous reconstruction. It is also ideal for women who want the volume provided by breast implants. Dr. Anu Antony specializes in this advanced technique, offering her patients tailored results that optimize aesthetic and functional outcomes. Insurance does not cover breast reconstruction procedures performed at Dr. Antony’s practice. We do offer our patients financing options through trusted healthcare lenders if financial assistance is needed.

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What is Hybrid Breast Reconstruction?

Hybrid reconstruction in the Raleigh & Cary, NC area with Dr. Anu Antony is ideal for balancing natural tissue reconstruction and the enhanced shape provided by implants. This method is particularly suited to patients who have undergone a mastectomy and are looking for reconstruction options that last, with a natural bounce and feel, and an aesthetically pleasing shape and appearance.

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Surgical Options for Hybrid Reconstruction

  • Tissue Expander: Sometimes, a tissue expander may be placed initially to make sufficient room for both the implant and the tissue flap, especially if the skin and chest wall tissues are tight post-mastectomy.
  • Implant Placement: A breast implant is inserted to provide the basic shape and volume of the breast.
  • Autologous Tissue Transfer: Tissue from another part of the patient’s body (commonly from the abdomen or back) is used to cover and complement the implant, enhancing the natural feel and providing additional coverage, which is particularly important in thin patients or those who have undergone radiation therapy.

Benefits of Hybrid Reconstruction

  • Aesthetic Improvement: Combines the natural appearance of autologous tissue with the shape and firmness of an implant.
  • Versatility: Can be customized to meet a wide range of patient needs and aesthetic desires.
  • Reduced Complications: Using autologous tissue can help protect and heal the area around the implant, potentially reducing the risk of complications such as capsular contracture.
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What Is the Recovery Time?

The recovery timeline varies based on the surgical technique. A basic recovery timeline is as follows:

Immediate Postoperative Care

  • Hospital Stay: Patients typically spend 1-3 nights in the hospital following surgery. During this time, they are closely monitored to ensure an uneventful recovery.
  • Initial Recovery: In the first few days post-surgery, patients will experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Dr. Antony will prescribe pain relief medications and cooling therapies to limit swelling.

First Few Weeks

  • Home Recovery: Once discharged, patients can continue to rest at home. Activities should be limited to light walking around the house to promote circulation.
  • Care Instructions: Dr. Antony provides detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical sites, manage drains, and wear compression garments, if necessary.
  • Activity Restrictions: Heavy lifting and strenuous activities should be avoided during the first 4-6 weeks to prevent strain on the healing tissues.

Six to Eight Weeks

  • Follow-Up Appointments: Regular appointments with Dr. Antony are essential to monitor healing. These visits also allow Dr. Antony to assess the settling of the tissue and implants.
  • Gradual Increase in Activity: Based on their comfort level and healing progress, patients typically can begin to return to more normal activities, including light or sedentary work.

Three to Six Months

  • Continued Healing: The full benefits of the surgery will gradually become apparent as the swelling subsides and the tissues heal around the implants.
  • Resuming Regular Exercise: Most patients can resume regular exercise routines, including more strenuous activities, after approximately three months, provided Dr. Antony gives the go-ahead.

Long-Term Recovery

  • Final Results: The final results can take several months to a year to stabilize completely. The breast shape and scars will continue to improve and mature over time.
  • Annual Check-Ups: Ongoing check-ups with Dr. Antony are recommended to ensure the long-term success of the reconstruction and to monitor the health of the implants and natural tissue.

Why Choose Dr. Anu Antony?

Dr. Anu Antony’s approach to hybrid reconstruction in Raleigh & Cary, NC is informed by her extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery coupled with training as an oil painter and sculptor in Italy. Her ability to integrate science and art allows her to achieve medically sound and aesthetically pleasing results. At the Antony Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, every patient receives care customized to their unique situation, ensuring outcomes that meet their expectations and enhance their quality of life. If you are considering breast reconstruction and want to know more about hybrid reconstruction, contact the Antony Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Anu Antony. Discover how this advanced reconstruction option can help you achieve your desired results.

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