Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction – What Is It?

Oncoplastic reconstruction in Raleigh & Cary, NC with DR. Anu Antony is ideal for patients undergoing lumpectomy for breast cancer, where only part of the breast tissue is removed. The goal is to prevent significant asymmetry that might occur after tumor removal, particularly with larger tumors or tumors located in visually strategic areas of the breast. Insurance does not cover breast reconstruction procedures performed at Dr. Antony’s practice. We do offer our patients financing options through trusted healthcare lenders if financial assistance is needed.

What Is the Procedure?

  • Consultation and Planning: Dr. Antony conducts a thorough evaluation to discuss the diagnosis, review the planned oncologic surgery, and determine the best oncoplastic technique based on the tumor’s size and location.

Types of Surgical Techniques

  • Volume Displacement: For more minor tissue removals, Dr. Antony may use local tissue rearrangement techniques to fill the void left by the tumor removal. This approach is often sufficient for moderate-sized tumors and results in less scarring.
  • Volume Replacement: For more extensive breast tissue loss, tissue from another part of the patient’s body (such as the back or abdomen) may be used to reconstruct the breast. This is similar to traditional breast reconstruction methods suitable for larger tumors or when a significant amount of tissue has been removed.
  • Combining with Symmetry Procedures: Often, procedures on the opposite breast, such as a breast lift or reduction, are performed simultaneously to maintain symmetry and achieve a balanced appearance.
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Benefits of Oncoplastic Reconstruction

  • Improved Cosmetic Outcomes: By immediately addressing the potential deformities from tumor removal, oncoplastic reconstruction can lead to better aesthetic results than traditional lumpectomy.
  • Enhanced Psychological Well-Being: Patients often experience improved self-esteem and body image post-surgery, knowing they have not only treated their cancer but also minimized its impact on their appearance.
  • Single Surgery: Combining tumor removal and cosmetic reshaping in one procedure reduces the overall number of surgeries and anesthesia exposures.

Recovery After Surgery – What To Expect?

Recovery after oncoplastic breast reconstruction varies depending on the extent of the surgery and individual patient factors. Typically, patients can expect to spend one to two nights in the hospital for initial post-operative care and monitoring. The first few weeks at home are crucial for recovery, during which patients will experience some swelling and discomfort. Pain management will be tailored to the individual woman’s needs, and activities are limited to light tasks.  Dr. Anu Antony will require you to avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting for at least four to six weeks to ensure proper healing and maintain the reconstruction’s integrity. Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor the healing process, with the first check-up the first week after surgery. These appointments are essential for assessing the surgical site and adjusting care protocols. Patients typically see significant improvement and can return to most normal activities within six to eight weeks post-surgery. 

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Why Choose Dr. Anu Antony?

Dr. Anu Antony is a board-certified plastic surgeon deeply committed to integrating aesthetic excellence with optimal cancer care. Her educational journey began with training as an artist at the prestigious Lorenzo Medici Institute of Art in Italy, providing her with a keen eye for aesthetic detail essential in oncoplastic surgery. She then pursued her medical degree, followed by a rigorous training program in general surgery and plastic surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, one of the country’s leading institutions for medical training. Dr. Antony further honed her expertise in cancer reconstruction.

Through specialized fellowships at the renowned Cornell Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital and Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital. Additionally, her academic credentials are complemented by an advanced degree from the Harvard School of Public Health and an Executive MBA from the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, equipping her with a broad perspective on patient care and healthcare management. Dr. Antony’s unique blend of artistic sensibility, comprehensive surgical training, and a deep understanding of oncologic principles positions her exceptionally well to offer superior oncoplastic surgical care.

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