Revitalize Your Profile: Dr. Antony's Expert Neck Lift Procedures

Antony specializes in neck lift procedures in Raleigh & Cary, NC that tighten loose skin, reduce fat, and improve the overall contour of the neck and jawline, helping patients achieve a more youthful and refined appearance.

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Custom Neck Lift Surgery: Refine, Define, and Rejuvenate

A neck lift targets the visible signs of aging in the lower face and neck, such as loose neck skin, excess fat under the chin, and abnormal contours due to muscle banding in the neck. Dr. Anu Antony’s approach is tailored to each patient, ensuring results that rejuvenate and naturally complement their facial features.

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What Is the Neck Lift Procedure?


During your initial consultation, Dr. Antony will evaluate your neck and jawline, discuss your aesthetic goals, and determine the appropriate surgical approach. This individualized plan ensures that the procedure meets your specific needs.


Neck lift surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure.


Depending on the extent of the lift, incisions may be made under the chin, behind the ears, or both. These incisions are strategically placed to minimize visibility and allow access to neck muscles and tissue.

Tightening and Contouring

Dr. Antony will tighten the platysma (neck muscles) and remove excess skin and fat. This process helps restore a more youthful and toned appearance to the neck.


Incisions are closed with meticulously placed sutures, usually removed within one to two weeks after surgery.

What Can a Neck Lift Do For Me?

A neck lift in the Raleigh & Cary, NC area with Dr. Anu Antony will subtly but dramatically rejuvenate your appearance by restoring a fresh, youthful profile. These improvements contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing, youthful look, leaving you feeling empowered and confident. Dr. Antony’s advanced techniques ensure these changes look natural and harmonious, restoring a beautiful balance to the line from chin to neck you love to show off.

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What To Expect: The Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift procedure performed by Dr. Anu Antony begins with a detailed consultation to assess the unique contours of your neck and discuss your aesthetic goals. Under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation for comfort, precise incisions are typically made discreetly beneath the chin or behind the ears. This allows Dr. Antony to access and tighten the underlying platysma muscles and, if necessary, to remove or alter excess fat and skin. The skin is then re-draped over the newly refined contours to create a smoother, more defined neckline. The incisions are closed with carefully placed sutures to minimize visible scarring. Post-procedure, patients receive comprehensive care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery, with most able to resume normal activities within a couple of weeks, following Dr. Antony’s detailed aftercare guidance.

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What Is the Recovery Time After a Neck Lift?

Recovery from a neck lift surgery under the care of Dr. Anu Antony is focused on achieving optimal healing and beautiful results. Initially, it is natural to expect some swelling and bruising, which typically subsides over the first two weeks. During this period, keep your head elevated and avoid strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy items. You can expect to return to work or other daily activities within 10 to 14 days.

However, a full recovery and the final results of the surgery may take several weeks to become apparent. Dr. Antony provides personalized post-operative care instructions, including how to care for incisions, manage discomfort, and when to return for follow-up visits. These detailed guidelines help ensure a smooth and swift recovery, allowing patients to enjoy their rejuvenated appearance with minimal downtime.

Why Choose Antony Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery?

Choosing Dr. Anu Antony for your neck lift means selecting a surgeon with a profound understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics. Her meticulous technique and artistic vision ensure that each procedure enhances natural beauty while addressing specific concerns. Patients benefit from her comprehensive approach, which combines advanced surgical methods with compassionate care, to achieve sophisticated, refined, and elegant outcomes.

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